I never thought my life could be changed in so many ways.  Over these three weeks, God has really convicted me to minister right where I am.  I now understand that I could have a bigger impact on the world by being where I am than by being somewhere else.
It is an eye opening experience.  Giving these three weeks to God seemed hard at first, but now I am at the end of the trip and I know it was the right decision.
God took me out of my shell.  He widened my view of the world and what He is doing with each person.  I was able to break from all the things of my past and old way of thinking.  It gave me a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
You get stretched; poured in to by amazing men and women, and then you get a chance to pour into other young lives through ministry.
God has given me a fresh start, a new outlook on God's love for me.  In essence, I was a lukewarm Christian, and now I have a burning passion for God, and to seek him deeper.
It sets apart a time to really seek what God has planned for you.  For the first time ever, I am confident that God has chosen me for great things.
It immerses you into an atmosphere that gives you three weeks to fall even more in love with God's presence.  It builds up your hunger for God's word, His love, His presence, and the desire to see your life fulfill God's will for this generation.
God encouraged me in many questions and things I was struggling with in my life.  He spoke to me in many ways.  This was an amazing experience.
This was my second year, and being able to experience it again was amazing, I was able to grow into a whole new level of intimacy, understanding and grace in the Spirit.
During my three weeks, I learned about God's heart through the worship, and how to live my life for Him through the people I met. Seeing the staff's devotion fueled my hunger for Him.
God revealed more of His love and grace to me.  He taught me how to be more of a willing servant.  He brought new people into my life that spoke amazing words of prophecy and encouragement to me.  I now have such a greater desire to pursue God's purpose for me.


God revealed Himself to me.  He made me realize how powerful He is, and that he works in good and unexpected ways.  He gave me awesome and wonderful friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was able to truly experience the awesome power of God through the Holy Spirit.  In every worship session, I felt a new sense of peace brought by the Spirit.  I could not deny his presence.  I could feel myself drawing closer to Him every day of this three week trip.
I think everyone should do it because it is a great, fun filled adventure in which you encounter God and you get a better understanding of who Christ is and why He loves us.  You also build relationships and recieve spiritual tools you can take with you forever.
I think any teenager that is passionate for Jesus should do this because it is a great way to spend your summer.  It is also a great way to encounter God.
You get to spend time with God for three weeks and also spend that time with people who are going after the same thing as you to go deeper than you ever have before.  He opened my eyes to seeing the real me and who I am in him.
All teens that devote themselves to this three week journey are striving to come closer to God and to know him more.  This program helps you to be a follower of Christ.  Here you'll find strong leaders that will teach you how to be a disciple of Christ.












Carolyn & Rolando
Our daughter, Hannah, took part in the Summer Discipleship Program last summer ('10). We just wanted to thank you and everyone involved in this excellent program that Eagles' Wings offers young people. Her experience at SDP was life changing, and we believe the experiences and friendships forged there have impacted her life and future ministry in tremendous ways. She was blessed in ways that we as her parents could not have blessed her, and we are grateful that she had this experience. The SDP program was truly a gift that she will treasure, and her spiritual life was bolstered through this life enriching experience and through the Eagles' Wings leaders that mentored, prayed for, and were involved in every way throughout this program.