1st Leg: The Cabin

Mission campers arrive at the cabin. There you will experience extended times of worship, team building excercizes, and fun activities planned to encourage team friendship. 



3rd Leg: Ministry Training

At the Eagles' Wings International headquarters, you will recieve more teaching from EW staff, worship and intercession training, doing practical indoor and outdoor service projects and more....


2nd Leg: Missions Trip

The team then travels to the greater NYC area. NYSUM is the outreach that we partner with to help serve people in need. This portion of the trip will allow you the opportunity to help serve in different urban ministries in NYC. We will also be spending time with Resting Place House of Prayer.

4th Leg: East Coast Conference

Every Summer the Teen Missions Camp ends at Eagles' Wings East Coast Conference, one of the largest conferences Eagles' Wings hosts every year.  The mission team will help serve at the conference along with the Eagles' Wings staff to hold an annual youth gathering for teens in the Buffalo region and from all over the country.