For Parents


Leadership Values


 - We understand your child’s safety is your top priority and it’s ours also when they are in our care.


 - We believe you want your children to grow into responsible adults who are committed to Christ and we share that same desire.


 - If you have any questions, we invite you to ask us here 







Your teen will have an opportunity to strengthen their belief in Jesus among others their age, by being trained in the word of God and going on an inner city missions trip. Teens will learn good habits of spending time in the Word so that when they live out their daily lives they can develop a relationship with the Lord on their own. Discipleship training is important, and as young people learn biblical principles and practical applications in their lives you will witness their devotion to Jesus grow stronger.


FRIENDSHIPS - "Good influencers"


Teens from all over the country will join and create a mission team. Each group, of about 10-18 students, is uniquely put together. Every teen has one thing in common when they arrive and that is: to seek after God. This provides a context for your teen to make more friends that love Jesus from around the country. As teens worship, learn, and minister together they start to understand what it means to be unified under one cause, what it means to be an intentional friend, and how to appreciate how God made them. Friendships young adults make continue even after the mission trip ends.


LEADERSHIP SKILLS - "Being Stretched"


Developing leaders that will impact the next generation is important. Through the leadership of Eagles’ Wings, your teen will have the opportunity to grow in team work, servant leadership, faith and much more.


With today’s culture, young leaders are greatly needed. Certain aspects of this 3-week mission trip allow opportunities for your teen to be stretched to stepping out of his/her comfort zone. The Summer Discipleship Program is designed for teens that are passionately pursuing God who want to accept His invitation to follow Him, and from that they develop how to help others to do the same.


CHARACTER BUILDING - "Positive Attitude"


Teens develop life skills that will affect them for the rest of their lives whether good or bad. That’s why Eagles’ Wings believes that good character be instilled in young people when they are in high school. A positive and godly attitude matters when teens face life lessons and challenges. This missions trip will provides a safe place for teens to exercise their talents, personality, and gifts. This experience will help empower teens to make the right choices in life.


SERVANTHOOD - “The world doesn't revolve around me”


Teens get a reality check when they discover that it’s not all about them, but when it’s all about Jesus. Our hearts desire is to point teenagers to Christ and the rest will follow. This Mission Trip will help your teen understand the world from a biblical standpoint. Jesus is the greatest example of serving others and we look to him as we lead young people to be less self-aware but more Christ aware.